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Ready, Steady Work!  

This is the name of our new innovative employability programme, that has been designed to launch people into work.

Employers tell us that they would employ someone who has additional needs or learning disability, if they had confidence in the person and if they were supported in the process. We are developing the vital business skills in our learners.

Lily and Lime and The learning and training academy have combining our Care and Experience and developed our innovative programme giving our learners an Employability qualification, an innovative ‘Virtual CV’ and work experience, equipping them for the working environment.

When in employment we support them in the workplace to make the worker-employer relationship work.


Only 6.6% of people with learning disabilities are in some form of paid employment.  And of the remaining, 65%  want a job. 

It is estimated that there are over 2000 venerable, and hard to help people wanting to work in the Portsmouth area.

Our experience of working with the client group is vast, running workshops and cafes and in a recent Ofsted visit we gained an ‘Outstanding’ grade.

My ask of you is to come and join the adventure, to employers out there we ask you to give us a little time, and offer some work experience to our learners, and maybe you will see how their talents could fit into your organisation.

Our partners are so important and we accomplish a lot together. Some of our partners give their time, others equipment. 




We will come to you and offer a free workshop to your teams to show how to work with someone with a learning disability. And give on going  support.